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Hands-Free Dabbing with Electronic Nails

When dabbing first became popular, butane torches were the only option for heating up your nails. Well, thanks to the introduction of enails, you can say goodbye to the butane torch.

 Enails are important dabbing accessories for concentrate connoisseurs.  Electronic nails attach directly to the nail – which makes them super easy to use – and they deliver controlled, sustained and hands-free heat to the dab nail. This ensures even temperatures, reducing the chance of overheating. Plus, they reduce the chances of burns caused by accidentally touching a red-hot nail.

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Benefits of Using Enails for Dabbing

 Dabbing has come a long way, and the enail represents an important innovation in the concentrate market. With enails, you get more mileage out of your oils – better flavor, smoother hits and less waste.

 Specially, enails offer a few key benefits. An electronic nail delivers:


  • Accurate heating: Set your desired temperature, and the device heats the nail. No overheating, or damage to your rig or dab nails.
  • Sustained heating:In the past, you’d have to torch the nail before every hit. With the enail, the nail never cools, allowing you to take multiple dabs.
  • Handsfree heating: A more comfortable and safer smoking experience. Avoid burns with an enail.
  • Flavorful smoking: Overheating your nail can destroy the terpenes in your concentrates. This is what gives herbs and concentrates that distinctive flavor.

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