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JM Flow Sci Glass: Scientific Glass Bongs & Dab Rigs

For 10+ years, JM Flow Sci has been an industry leader in producing scientific glass bong & concentrate rigs. From Flow Sci Glass, you’ll find some of the most innovation perc layouts on the market and high-end scientific bongs perfect for flowers or concentrates. The company’s crystal ball perc and sprinkler percs, for example, deliver ultra-smoke pulls – and are highly regarded throughout the industry.

Launched by Jose Navarette, an artist with experience at top glass companies in the U.S., including Zob and Glass Werx, JM Flow has built a reputation for premium scientific dab rigs and bongs. The designs are innovative, the smoking is super-smooth, and thanks to their boro glass construction, JM Flow Sci’s scientific bongs are built to last.

JM Flow Sci Glass: Signature Features

Every JM Flow piece – from their classic beaker bongs, to their ultra-sleek tubes – feature innovative perc designs. Some are equipped with duo percs, like the inline to crystal ball set-up – great for delivering that terpene-rich hit – and other percs like JM Flow’s sprinkler and mushroom fat caps take filtration to the next level.

All JM Flow bongs and dab rigs are built from U.S. Schott Duran borosilicate glass – world-renowned for its strength and heat resistance. In other words, JM Flow Sci rigs are built to last.  

On the concentrate market, Flow Sci Glass is a favorite manufacturer. The company’s line of sprinkler and double cross-cut percs deliver cool, flavorful pulls every time. If you’re looking for the perfect dab rig for daily sessions, you can’t go wrong with JM Flow scientific glass.

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