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Heady Glass Pendants for Sale
Want to show some love for your favorite glass artist? Consider purchasing a heady glass pendant – or pendys, as they’re commonly referred. Glass pendants offer a chance to show off your love for glass culture, without having to whip out your latest bong or dab rig.
 Heady pendants provide glass artists the ultimate medium for getting creative with their work. Hobnailed pendants, intricate color patterns & embedded embellishments – there is no limit to what you can find with a new pendy. Tucson-based Shuhbuh, for instance, creates chunky, weighty glass pendants out of CFL-activated glass. Ed Wolfe’s Got Glass, on the other hand, packs in detailed color patterns in more compact pieces.
 Want to find a great glass pendant for a gift, for yourself, or just want to take a look around? The Daily Sesh offers a great selection of heady glass pendants from America’s favorite glass artists. Start shopping our selection of pendys now.
Heady Glass Jewelry: Available at The Daily Sesh
 The Daily Sesh works with established and emerging glass artists, offering exclusive access to many glass jewelry creations. A few artists we work with include:
 Check out the latest works and styles for today’s glass artists. The Daily Sesh offers a selection of 100% unique heady glass pendants.


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