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Chameleon Glass Pipes and Bongs

Chameleon Glass is one of the most well-known names in the glass industry. Heck, Chameleon has been producing custom glass pipes since launching in 1991 in Trinidad, CA. Today, Chameleon Glass operates out of Phoenix and offers a deep selection of custom pieces, scientific bongs and concentrate rigs, and custom heady glass.

As the company’s name implies, Chameleon is probably best known for their color-changing glass pieces. All Chameleon’s color changers feature integrated silver, gold, platinum and copper for maximum color changing potential. In fact, Chameleon was one of the first to offer this innovation, and the company has mastered it.

Chameleon Glass: An Innovator in the Glass Industry

Beyond color changing glass, the Phoenix-based company has been a pioneer in the industry. A number of its innovations have become more common throughout the industry, including:

  • Glass Wood:Chameleon “Glass Wood” pieces look like they’ve been hand-carved out of wood. The company offers a range of custom pieces in the line, including Tiki and character offerings.
  • Ash Catcher Glass:Chameleon first introduced the glass catcher in 2002, in many of its one-hitters and glass pipes. The Ash Catcher is an indented mouthpiece that collects and delivers smooth, ash-free pulls.
  • Absolute Zero Glass Pipes:The Absolute Glass series features mini coil condensers integrated into handheld pipes, offering the smoothness of scientific smoking in a compact portable.
  • Typhoon and Monsoon Percs: The Typhoon and Monsoon series integrate spill-proof percs into their pipes, bongs and rigs. The innovation transforms any handheld piece into a water pipe – the bong you can take anywhere.

All Chameleon pieces are 100% American made. And you’ll find just about everything from the company. Glass pipes, including heady glass offerings and special customs, as well as scientific glass, bubblers and dag rigs (the McCoy’s Oilers line).

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