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Zob Glass

Zob Glass Bongs, Pipes and Bubblers for Sale

For more than a decade, Southern California-based Zob Glass has wowed smokers with its masterfully engineered bongs and scientific glass pieces. The company has continually pushed the glass-blowing envelop – launching originals like the “Wubbler” (part-bubbler, part-bong) and the Zobella percolator – while maintaining a commitment to craftsmanship and customer service. Bottom line, Zob Glass is an industry-leader in scientific glass design.

The glass company uses only the finest glass in its products. All Zob bongs are made from borosilicate German Schott glass, well-known for its supreme sturdiness, and many of their creations feature pops of color, including rainbows, color swirls and Rasta-inspired motifs. The company’s products are 100% American-made.    

Zob Glass: Product Lines & Accessories

Zob offers a bit of something for everyone, as displayed by its deep product line-up. Looking for a traditional bong? Check out their OG series, featuring super-thick straight tube and beaker-style bongs. Want something a little smaller? The company’s Princess line is all about hand-held bubblers and water pipes perfect for concentrates. Are you after a custom-designed piece? Zob Glass offers heady glass customizations – you can order online.

Bottom line, Zob has hundreds of high-quality products to choose. From a range of water pipes with cutting-edge diffusor designs, including UFO-style, inline, multi-arm or tree-style percs, to freezable glycerin tubes, Zob has you covered.   

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