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Hamstafam Glass: Original Custom Heady Glass Creations

Joshua Hamra, or Hamstafam has he’s more commonly known in the glass blowing industry, delivers some of the most colorful, intricately designed creations on the market. Hamstafam is a master of intricate color and outside-the-box works of art, including hobnail glass carb caps and psychedelic-hued pieces. He’s the hobnail glass master. (Just take a look at this custom glass bong from Hicdogg and Hamstafam, for some examples of his hobnail expertise.)

A long-time glass blower (he’s been perfecting his craft since 1996), Hamra’s designs are other-worldly. You’ll find him most days blowing glass out of Phoenix’s 8th Wonders Studio – a premium glass blowing studio – where he dabbles in a bit of everything, including concentrate rigs, heady glass bongs and rigs, carb caps, and dab nails. Most featuring his hobnail signature.

A skilled pipemaker, Hamra can dedicate up to 8 hours or more per rig, hand-crafting glass bongs and pieces with deft precision. Bottom line, a Hamstafam glass bong or dab rig, carb cap, or dab nail is a show-stopping addition to your daily smoking arsenal, the kind of glass that will become a prized possession.

Find the latest Hamstafam creations at The Daily Sesh, the world’s newest online headshop. We offer everything you need for your daily sessions: Concentrate rigs, glass bongs, heady glass pipes, enails and much more.  



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