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Halen Glass: Quartz Dab Nails, Carb Cabs & Accessories

Since launching in 2001, Halen Glass has built a reputation for producing premium scientific glass and dab accessories. Today, the Fort Collins, CO-based studio – which was founded by artist Joel Halen – offers some of best dab nails and accessories on the market. All Halen products are 100% Colorado made.

 A favorite of concentrate connoisseurs, Halen Glass is best known for its domeless dab nails. Original creations, like the Halen Honey Hole (H3) (a quartz honey bucket nail) and the Quartz Trough (a domeless quartz nail) are top-sellers and are perfect for low-temperature dabbing. Halen Glass specializes primarily in premium quartz dab accessories that are available in a range of joint sizes and that are built to last.

Halen Glass: Products from Joel Halen

 Want to take your concentrate rig to the next level? You can’t go wrong with Halen Glass dab accessories.  Built with super thick quartz glass, Halen’s line-up of products are designed to fit nearly any dab rig, with joint sizes of 10mm, 12mm & 14mm available for many of their quartz bangers.


In particular, you’ll find premium dab nails, honey buckets, carb caps, and glass bangers. Halen Glass quartz nailsand buckets are perfect for low-temp dabbing, due to their ability to be quickly heated, and they’ll be an upgrade over any titanium or ceramic nail. Check out the Halen Honey Hole or Quartz Trough nail – they’re perfect additions to your dabbing rig.


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