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Liquid Sci Glass

Liquid Sci Glass Bongs for Sale

Since launching in 2010, Liquid Sci Glass has quickly earned a reputation for producing high-quality, super-sturdy scientific glass bongs and dab rigs. The San Diego-based glass company is well-known for its whimsical, outside-the-box designs. Just take a look at the cereal box rig or the beer glass rig, (which functions as a bong and a pint glass). Liquid Sci also consistently earns some of the industry’s top marks for customer service and pricing  their glass is well-crafted, but super affordable.

Today, Liquid Sci Glass which was founded by artists from RooR Glass, one of the most noteworthy companies in the industry has found a niche producing super-thick and excellent functioning scientific glass bongs and pieces. Their dab rigs and bongs are designed for durability, functionality and they feature innovative perc configurations for always-smooth, well-filtered smoking.

Liquid Sci Glass: Product Lines and Accessories

All Liquid Sci bongs are American-made, built thick for durability, and many feature glycerin glass and percs to deliver ultra-cool, frosty hits. The company’s Double Treeline Bong, a top seller, features a sleek lab-inspired tube design, as well as two domed percs that double filter and cool smoke. The result? A super smooth hitter that’s reasonably priced. Another Liquid Sci Glass favorite the Beer Glass Dab Rig, holds an ice cold beer and your dabs a design that’s certain to impress your friends.

Bottom line, Liquid Sci Glass has all your scientific glass needs covered: From its range of innovative percs, including inline, tree-style and multi-arm diffusers, to classically styled tube- and beaker-style bongs.

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