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Finding the best bong for your needs can be a challenge. There are hundreds of different types of glass bongs, or water pipes, on the market these days with dozens of accessory options. You’ll find everything from basic scientific beaker bongs, to 100% original heady creations. Many are also available with sophisticated percolators for smoke filtration, or multi-chamber configurations.


Let us help you find the perfect bong for your daily sessions. At The Daily Sesh, we offer a wide range of glass bongs – including scientific rigs and one-of-a-kind water pipes for sale. Start shopping for your next rig now; we carry bongs from favorite studios including ZOB, HVY, AMG, US Tubes and more.


Types of Bongs Available

 Some of the most common types of bongs we sell are scientific glass water pipes. “Scientific glass” as you might hear it called, generally resemble laboratory instruments and feature classic shapes.

 Beaker bongs are one of the most common types, as are straight tubes and round base bongs. Scientific glass bongs typically feature a percolator for filtering and cooling hits. The diffuser downstem is a classic, but now there are dozens of different perc types to choose.

Some are also built for artistry. These one-of-a-kind heady bongs feature lots of colors, color-changing properties, and glass accents and adornments.


Common Bong Styles for Sale at The Daily Sesh

 Bongs can also be defined by their shape. Scientific glass bongs, for example, tend to feature biology-inspired shapes, although you’ll find bongs in just about any shape. Common bong shapes include:


 Whatever your needs, you’ll find the best bongs for sale at The Daily Sesh.


Bong Percolators & Accessories for Sale

 The majority of glass bongs feature percolation systems. This means the smoke passes through water before it’s inhaled. Percolation cools down the temperature of the smoke, and filters out ash and tar, which makes bong hits cooler, smoother and easier on the lungs.

 There are hundreds of types of bong percolators. A few of the most common include:


  • Diffused Downstem –Basic tubes and beaker bongs feature a diffused downstem, meaning the bong downstem is inserted into water.
  • Honeycomb Percolators –Honeycomb percs are disc or ball-shaped percs with many holes. As the water passes through the honeycomb, the smoke is diffused.
  • Sprinkler Percs –Smoke is drawn through a series of small tubes, maximizing diffusion. JM Flow Sci created the sprinkler system.
  • Tree Arm Percs –Bongs with tree percs a ball of small glass tubes that sit inside the water. The more arms the percolator has, the greater the diffusion.


There are numerous types of percolators, including other popular favorites like the cyclone, the fat cap, and the circ. Percolators add to the cooling and filtration, helping to deliver smooth, perfectly cool hits.

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Online headshop The Daily Sesh offers wide selection of premium glass bongs, from top glass blowers. Our artists include: JM Flow Sci, US Tubes, Chameleon Glass, Zob Glass, Liquid Sci and many more.

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