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Hamms Waterworks

Hamm Vitrifex, owner of Hamm’s Waterworks has been creating some of the most amazing scientific glass in the industry. He is the inventor of the recycler and many amazing diffusion/peculator systems that he utilizes in his work.
Much of his work is dedicated to amazing functional glass. His designs are some of the most intricate among scientific glass with amazing functionality. He has won many awards at various events like the Cannabis Cup, Degenerate Flame Off, CHAMPS Trade Show/Glass Games and many more. He has been featured in various films and magazines for his amazing skill. He is internationally known for his Rocking Chair, which was the single largest piece of lampworked glass ever made.
Once operating on a larger scale, he now has a small team with over 20 years combined experience. Phil Davis (aka PH-D) and Ariel Schulze are the other members. They focus their time and dedication to creating limited edition pieces and amazing scientific designs that give you a supreme smoking experience.


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