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HVY Glass

HVY Glass Bongs for Sale

Los Angeles-based HVY Glass offers a bit of everything: Super-sturdy scientific glass bongs, concentrate rigs and bubblers, as well as heady glass works produced in small quantities. Best of all, HVY Glass offers some of the most affordable prices on the market, so you’re bound to find a piece from the company that fits your budget.

HVY Glass pipes and bongs tend to have a signature look. They offer classic bong styles – like straight tubes, bubble bottoms and beaker-style bongs – with touches of color at the neck and base. Looking for something a bit more colorful? The company’s heady glass offerings pack in the color, featuring swirls, coiled glass, blown-glass adornments and worked glass accents.

HVY Glass: Product Lines and Accessories

You know when you’re holding a piece by HVY Glass. Their bongs and bubblers have a weighty feel in-hand. That’s where the name HVY comes from, after all. That means they’re super-sturdy, with thick walls, and most are manufactured from German and American borosilicate glasses. Plus, both their colored and scientific glass pieces are available in a range of thicknesses, from 5mm to 9mm, as well as with a variety of different types of diffusers.  

The company also typically utilizes a bubble base with many of its bongs, and many feature a wide mouth, ice catcher, and marbles on the bowl slide. Another signature feature: The company tends to use fumed glass colors, as well as the inside-out method for coloring. 

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