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Ryan Hoffman, owner of Huffy Glass and founder of Volta Glass Studios has been creating heady art for over 16 years, since 1998. He works in Indiana and is also known as the Contemporary Wizard. They specialize in scientific and heady glass, but also amazingfunctional glass art to meet any budget.

In 2010 to help raise awareness for the glass movement he opened his glass studio in Indiana. He attended Penland School of Arts in 2001 as a student and also as an assistant instructor. After a disastrous hand injury Ryan’s creating was halted. During this time he decided to push his art to a whole new level. He is now known for his signature gridded line indents which he utilizes in some of his most heady of pieces. Working with tons of other well know glass blowers, he’s created some of the most amazing collabs out there.


Today Huffy Glass operates on a larger scale with team members who bring their own unique emphasis to the table. The other team members are: 

Dene Stephens - Handwork Specialist

Trent Young – Lathe Specialist

Sam Freeman - Lathe Specialist


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