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Founded in 1999 by Buddha, Liberty 503 Glass is based out of Portland, OR. They are known for their artisanal Cold Work style and Sandblasting. Their work utilizes both, creating new, unique and astonishingly elaborate styles for pipes, sherlocks, dab rigs, pendys and more. After playing around with this idea for some time, they decided to dedicate all their work to sandblasted art.

Using hand drawn stencils for designing and combining cold work glass blowing with sandblasting to create an amazing carved effect in glass, similar to how letters are carved into wood. Being able to use this effect on glass allows them to incorporate color. Cold work is an intricate process that involves using a micro-abrasive blaster, called a crystal sandblaster to create extremely precise and elaborate designs on the glass surface. They truly are combining glass and art to great some of the most amazing and heady pieces around.


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