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10 Types of Bongs To Buy

December 13, 2017

10 Types of Bongs To Buy

The Daily Sesh Presents

10 Types of Bongs To Buy

 Get greens on this freshly packed bong breakdown, brought to you by The Daily Sesh. We’ve got all the details you want to know about the different kinds of bongs and rigs for sale in 2018.


 Decisions, decisions, decision. It can be difficult to find a great bong that is right for you. The best ones speak to our spirits and reflect our personalities.

 This is a quick guide to the many types of bongs for sale online to help you out with your decision. Read on and start making bubbles today! 

  1. Scientific Glass Bongs 

These kinds of bongs use glass that’s made with silica and boron trioxide. Borosilicate glass is extremely strong and heat resistant, making it ideal for blazing up your daily sesh.

 You don’t have to be a lab rat to appreciate scientific glass. These kinds of bongs are typically clear and resemble scientific equipment like beakers. Thanks to specialty glass and complex percolation, scientific bongs offer a solid, smooth smoke.



The Double Treeline Bong by Liquid Sci Glass is a perfect example of a well-crafted water bong. An amber lining and two percolating filters give it a cool and classy aesthetic. And you’ll be guaranteed easy pulls and powerful hits thanks to its 18mm bowl and 14” tube. 

  1. Straight Tubed Bongs 

Classic and elegant, straight tubed bongs have been a staple design of the industry for ages. Old school straight tubes are known for rips that resemble clouds more than smoke.

Modern straight tubes come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. One of the most popular types of scientific glass is a straight tube design outfitted with diffusers and down stems.


In a piece like the Double Bell Perc by HiSi Glass, a 14.5” straight tube features a diffused downstem, helping to cool smoke from its 14mm bowl. From there, smoke filters up through two internal bell shaped percolators.

 Thanks to its bell shaped percs, drag is minimal. Pulls don’t get any cleaner or smoother than this. These types of bongs can last a lifetime thanks to their borosilicate structure. 

  1. Beaker bongs 

A beaker is a scientific glass bong that, well … looks like a beaker. They have a pyramid shaped base and an elongated tube. Beaker bongs are known for giving generous, full rips.

 They’re made out of thick borosilicate glass, and typically have long downstems that reach into the bottoms of the beaker. Easy to handle and hard to break, beakers are great for parties and outdoor settings.


The Daily Sesh has an 18” tall x 18mm bowl beaker bong featuring an aqua colored downstem and an ice-pinch. It’s been flying off the shelves. The maker, US Tubes Glass out of Berkeley, CA, has been at it for quite a while. Their slogan, “Stronger is better. So you know these things are guaranteed to last. 

  1. Round Based Bongs 

Ba-bloop-bloop, bloop siiiiiiiiiiiiip.Ah, the nostalgic sound of bubbles in bong water. If you know what I’m talking about you’ve probably used a round-based bong before.

 These types of water bongs have a big fat, rounded bottom. They don’t fall over easily, and the rounded shape provides a voluminous cavern. Easily filled with heavy smoke clouds, these things can blow your socks off in a second.

 The Daily Sesh will soon have incredible round-based bongs for sale and on display over at the shop. Hvy Glass produces some of the most epically beautiful bongs we’ve seen today. 

  1. Inline Bongs 

An inline bong has a specially designed percolator that is kind of like a downstem extension. The bowl sits in a slide that is on the exterior of the bong’s water chamber.

 Normally the slide goes into a downstem that penetrates into the water chamber. With this type of bong the slide leads to the inline percolator, which diffuses smoke, creating a smoother experience.

 Inlines are a perfect example of how far bong culture has advanced. It’s all about offering the coolest and cleanest sessions.


This feature is popular in scientific glass, like beakers and straight tubes. The 18” tall x 14mm Zob Inline Bong over at The Daily Sesh Shop is a great example of a super awesome inline. 

  1. Gravity Bongs 

Gravity bongs are a good way to get a whole bowl’s worth of smoke in one rip. But, it’s not really a rip. And, it doesn’t really utilize gravity.


(img credit to Leafly)

This kind of bong is a classic homemade piece that you can make in your sink, or using the bottom and top of two different sized bottles. The top has no bottom, and has a removable bowl fashioned to it.

 Here’s how it works. 

  • Submerge the bottle into water and pack the bowl.
  • You light it while slowly lifting the bottle out of the water, causing smoke to be sucked into the bottle.
  • Remove the cap, embrace the top, and take a big breath in simultaneously,
  • Submerging the bottle back down, forcing all the smoke into your lungs. 

Homemade Bongs 

I thought I had seen it all, until I came across The High Times 14 best homemade bongs. It’s an article highlighting some very impressive stoner ingenuity.

The list includes a fruity bong with an apple bowl, into a watermelon-pineapple chamber, topped with another apple for a mouthpiece.

 Another was a snow bong. Yes, a 3ft tall massive snow bong. Others used starburst candies, Legos, and even a mannequin to create amazing homemade pieces. 

  1. Small Bongs 

Not every occasion is cause to bring out the big guns. Many people prefer to keep a small, special piece set aside for their daily sesh. It’s usually one of the most cherished bongs in their collection.

Small bongs are perfect for the home or on the go. They can be compact and lightweight, making them great if you’re searching for a more affordable bong.

A smaller bong doesn’t mean that you have to ditch the percs either. For example, the Mini Treeline bong by Liquid Sci Glass at only 7 inches tall features an epically designed diffused downstem percolator.

Don’t be fooled by its short stature. This mini bong has an 18mm bowl. With such a short distance between you and the source, you’ll get a guaranteed connection with a smooth and solid smoke.   

  1. Acrylic Bongs

 Acrylic is a synthetic resin and textile invented in the early 1900’s used to make all kinds of materials. Acrylic bongs are cheap and aren’t fragile like glass bongs.

 Aficionados would suggest that durability is not the only difference between acrylic and glass. Most say glass provides a much cooler and cleaner tasting rip. Acrylics can heat up, and smoke can get harsh.


 Acrylic bongs typically have a metal bowl or downstem, but you could replace it with glass fixtures. Graffix is a historic acrylic bong manufacturer. If you’re on a budget or super clumsy, an acrylic bong might be the right choice for you. 

  1. Dab Rigs

 A dab bong, or rig, is essentially a bong modified for use with oils and concentrates. They come in just as many varieties as normal bongs. There’s just one key difference really.

 Instead of a regular bowl, dab rigs feature a “ nail ” and “ vapor dome ”. Using a butane torch, the nail is heated and concentrates placed onto it instantly vaporized. The vapor is then contained by the dome and pulled through the stem into the bong.

 It sounds technical, and a bit different than what many are used to, but hey, welcome to the new age! They don’t have to be so square either.


The Pineapple Piña Colada Dab Rig by Empire Glassworks out of Placentia, California is a beautiful piece, standing 8” tall with 14mm nail; it’s one of the sweetest dab rigs ever.

 Whats the best bong to buy? 

 The right bong for you is going to be one that fits your needs the best. Investing in a great bong is always a good idea. One that meets your session demands and is in your budget is a good place to start.

 Bongs are great for sharing as well as going solo. It’s like having fine china. Some people drink from crystal everyday, others bring it out for special occasions.


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