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What is Heady Glass?

November 30, 2017

What is Heady Glass?

The Daily Sesh Presents

The Wonderful World of

Heady Glass  

"Herbs have been smoked for centuries upon centuries. Farmers like apples, rappers like blunts, and teenagers will typically smoke out of anything they can make into a pipe." 

By: Aaron M. Herlocker                                        

Old school smokers used wood and Cobb pipes. Some prefer bubblers and bongs, or maybe your friend has a beautiful, shiny glass piece ready to christen. There are lots of different kinds of bowls in the world you could pack.


Regardless of your piece preference, one thing’s for sure; Connoisseurs who want to enjoy the best blazing experience know that they need a dope piece of heady glass in their arsenal.

In this article you’re going to find out everything you always wanted to know about heady glass and functional glass art.  

 Heady Glass For Heady Nugs

 So, what kind of bowl do you want to put your heady nugs in? Sure you could stuff some grade-A medical herb into an old spoon pipe. It’ll burn.

High end glass isn’t about just having a pipe to smoke out of. It’s about having a functional piece of art. It’s about having a conversation centerpiece for special sessions. A beautiful piece can bring friends together. It can inspire you, taking your daily sesh to higher levels. It’s like having a nice set of champagne flutes.

You can drink bubbly from a cup, sure. It works. But, tell the truth. Wouldn’t you rather use the fine glass? Isn’t it appropriate to have a special piece of glass for special occasions? It should be. 

About Functional Glass 

What do you use to smoke top shelf herbs? Of course, HEADY GLASS! Here’s a short list of different types of functional glass pieces you can add to your collection today. 

Functional glass art refers to artistically crafted boro glass pieces. This kind of glassware isn’t your run of the mill, mass-produced bong. We’re talking intricate color schemes, visual effects, and astounding architecture.

Experienced artists who specialize in designing heady glass put out limited quantities of collections and series. Buying functional glass ensures that you are the owner of a one-of-a-kind art piece. 

Why is heady glass expensive? 

As with most things in the world, you get what you pay for. Handcrafting functional glass isn’t easy by any standards. It takes years upon years of practice and dedication to produce pieces like this. Once the craft is finally perfected, the actual time to make a heady peice is astounding! It's not uncommon for a glass blower to spend mutiple days making a single rig. Melting glass and shaping it into these amazing works of art is a lot easier said than done. 

Pipe making is an expensive industry, to say the least. Artists invest their whole being into creating magnificent pieces for collectors and connoisseurs.

Glass Blowers are crafting more than your average bong though.

Have you ever seen the work from artists like Hicdoggor Hamstafam?

Hicdogg x Hamstafam 

Buying artistic glass is about much more than just having a pipe to smoke with. These types of pieces are for collectors who value the quality craftsmanship of fine glass art. 

Meet the Artists

 It takes a lot of talent to craft the best heady pieces. Glass blowers have a strong passion for their work. They are completely dedicated. Just like any sculptor or painter, great glass blowers hone their craft with patience, time, and of course lots of practice.

Every glass artist has a unique style. Just as with any art form, each piece will bare the signature marks of the master who made it. Some are known for their intricate and detailed designs, and others are notorious for extravagant concepts and shapes.

All kinds of beautifully created pieces full of wild colors and complex techniques are on display over at The Daily Sesh shop.

The most brilliant and groundbreaking artists making waves in today’s heady glass industry are celebrities in the glass art world. Check out some of the most popular blowers below. 


(credit Sacramento Vessels) 


Banjo glass is an infamous glass blower that has been on the scene for nearly twenty years now. HotBreath Magazine did a great review with Banjo in their Studio Spotlight series.

The magazine describes the glass blower saying, 

Banjo is one of an elite group taking charge of an art movement that can no longer be ignored.                                                           

 –HotBreath Magazine

 He suggests that what once was an underground art form is now gaining mainstream popularity. 

 “Pipemaking is a lifestyle where there is a strong personal connection between the makers and the fans.” 

 “Nobody had to sell the idea that pipes are beautiful and attractive in order for this market to have developed. The work and energy that goes into the pieces does the marketing for us.”       -Banjo


Coyle Glass

or Coyle Condenser glass


(credit Ice Cold Glass)


Daniel S. Coyle ditched his day job blowing scientific glass for a chemical company to pursue his dreams of creating artistic glass pipes almost 10 years ago.

Here are some words of wisdom from Coyle about his style, taken from his website Ice Cold Glass

"Often my work is playful in nature and can remind you of toys; I guess I like to bring the viewer (or user) back to their childhood and also remind them to not take life so seriously...” 

“Making an object into a pipe will allow someone to bond with that object. They will have experiences with it, develop a relationship with it, in time it will become more than a piece in their collection- it will become sentimental."        -Coyle


Ryno Glass


(credit Hotbreath Magazine)


Ryno glass is heady glass blowing company started by Ryan O’keefe in San Diego, CA. He’s been at it for about ten years. While talented and versatile as an artist, he gained fame with his Rubber Ducky glass pieces. 

In a video interview, Rhyno shares his thoughts on his glass art peers, his worst glass blowing injuries, and why he creates glass art. 

“I look up to a lot of people in this industry. I’m constantly learning everyday. It’s an ongoing process.” 

“I’ve been smacked in the eyeball with hot glass from a shop mate. The worst [injury] has got to be a severed tendon in my thumb.” 

“I want to leave a mark, do my thing, and express myself.”                                                        

    - Ryno

 How To Buy Heady Glass

 Local Smoke Shops, Head Shops, and Online Glass Galleries

There are tons of glass blowers out there creating masterpieces everyday. Chances are there’s one not too far from you. Local smoke shops are a great place to look for a nice piece. Most shops will have at least a couple of heady dab rigs for sale.

 Stocking an inventory of heady glass is kind of hard for most small shops. You’ll find some basic or affordable pieces, but it can be limiting for those looking to buy something more unique for their collection.

 Don’t be discouraged though. There are new ways to connect collectors with heady glass and the artists who create it. That’s what we’re here for!

 The Daily Sesh

 Here at The Daily Sesh, we are innovating the way that artists and collectors connect. You can find heady oil rigs for sale from some of the planets' most passionate pipe-makers here.

Access to incredible pieces is at your fingertips. Your new heady piece is just a click away over at our online headshop

At our site, glass blowers can post their heady glass for sale, where the whole world can see it. Shoppers and collectors have a direct link to the artists who dedicate their lives to creating beautiful pieces.

Now more than ever, people are seeking direct connections to the people that create and serve the world with ideas, art, and media. Creators too want to come closer to their fans and clients.

Check out some of the incredible artists on our platform now.


·       Huffy Glass

·       Vigil Glass

·       Baby Gorilla Glass

·       Flame Princess Glass



The Daily Sesh is dedicated to facilitating a personal connection between artists and collectors. We’re going beyond business and beyond the point of sale.

The Daily Sesh is gathering the glass art industry together, changing the “buy-and-sell” paradigm into a personal exchange of appreciation and value. 

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