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Different Types of Nails and Bangers

January 27, 2018

Different Types of Nails and Bangers

The Daily Sesh Presents

 All About Dab Rig Nails
                   By: Aaron M. Herlocker                   

The functional glass art market is blowing up right now. Things like dabs and shatter are trending hotter than a blowtorch. The world of dab accessories can be difficult to navigate, but not to worry. The Daily Sesh is about to hit the nail on the head.


From borosilicate glass to the electrically powered, not all nails are created equal and todays sesh is all about dab rig nails.

We’re going to show you the different types of nails, the differences between them, and share some dab rig tips that should blast your daily sesh to the next level. First, let’s tip it:

Dab Rig Tip #1– Let it cool! Avoid the red-hot nail to prevent loss of terpenes and potency.

Dab Rig Tip #2– Season your nail! The term comes straight from the kitchen; burning oils into a hot iron skillet will leave long lasting flavors for continual pleasure.

Dab Rig Tip #3– Invest!! As with everything, you get what you pay for.

 Borosilicate Glass Nails

It’s not uncommon for a basic dab rig from any headshop to come with a stock glass nail, usually made from borosilicate glass. These basic nails are functional, easy to clean using ISO alcohol, and provides a clean taste. However, they can be flimsy or fragile and cannot withstand high temperatures for long periods of time. These few downsides are enough to

compel many regular dabbers to invest in an upgrade.


Quartz bangers are specialized dab nails formed from the crystalline mineral quartz. They’re durability offers a good chance of survival if accidently dropped.

Stronger, but like glass, quartz has a clean taste. The great thing about quartz nails and bangers is that they can repeatedly withstand high amounts of heat, meaning with the right Quartz you can bring all the fury of your torch to every session without worrying about your nail’s lifespan.

Low-end quartz might not retain heat as long, but high quality quartz bangers can retain heat for over a minute.

The Daily Sesh always keeps high quality quartz bangers in stock. Check out these 25mm nails by Halen Glass!


Ceramics are slightly less fragile than a glass nail, but it can be difficult to tell if your nail is too hot. Nobody wants to burn or destroy expensive wax. A cheap ceramic nail might chip or break on the head when overheated, so be sure to source one from a quality brand, otherwise you risk oil seeping into the cracks of the nail, making it less and less durable.


If you’re looking for a nail that will last a lifetime, you should probably go with a titanium nail. Ti nails are the most popular for regular dab users to have on their rig. There are several reasons for this: 

  • They don’t break
  • High heat threshold
  • High heat transfer
  • High heat retention

 Watch out for false advertisers, especially when it comes to metal nails. Titanium is a unique metal that doesn’t release harmful chemicals when heated, unlike almost all other metals. Make sure it is 100% titanium!

Although Ti nails are quite popular, a lot of dab connoisseurs wouldn’t touch them. Many say titanium just doesn’t have the clean taste that quartz or glass puts off, that the titanium alters the flavor of oils and has a metallic taste. 


Avoid the torch and possible burn injury by going getting an electrically powered nail. E-nails typically use titanium or quartz hardware. These dab e-nails allow you to heat the nail to optimal temperatures for the best dabs.

At its core, an electric nail is going to provide the best quality dab sesh. That’s because it provides a low-temp vapor from a precision temp nail. That means better quality terpene expression, better flavor, and smoother hits.

The only downside is that e-nails aren’t exactly discrete or easily portable compared to other types of nails. These nails are suitable for less portable environments.

 How To Season Dab Nails

Titanium and ceramic nails should be seasoned before using them to remove factory coatings or any residual polish on your nails that taste bad or could be toxic.

Avoid putting your nail under water. Instead heat your nail with a torch to nearly red-hot and then let it cool. Use any concentrate to coat your nail and heat again.

Repeat this process a few times and you’re new nail will be officially seasoned and ready for a delicious session. Glass and quartz nails won’t require seasoning and can simply be washed in ISO alcohol.

 What The Cap

Maybe you’ve seen some nails being sold with a carb cap. You can cap any nail. A carb cap is going to help preserve that precious wax in case you put a little too much on the head, (Which happens to the best of us from time to time).

Also, if you put wax on a nail that isn’t quite hot enough your oil might not vaporize fully. A carb cap is going to hold in the heat and vapor ensuring that your medicine is fully vaporized.

Make sure your cap fits your nail. Most nails generally have a 10mm-14mm head, but they are manufactured up to 18mm. Another great way to capture vapor and heat is by using a bubble cap or a dome.

 Take It To The Dome     

Domeless nails will typically have a series of ventilation holes. This is how vapor travels from the nail head through to the rig.

A domed nail serves the same purpose, except the vapor is captured and funneled by the dome instead of vents.

Essentially, domeless nails will have less resistance and provide a better rip. When you have to add a dome, it puts another step in between you and your concentrates.

 Angled Bangers

Depending on your rig, you might need to employ an angled banger. They can be either straight up or horizontally bent to 45˚ or 90˚, depending on the type of bong.

The angled bend provides the ergonomic access needed for a quality dab session. It’s also a cool aesthetic that is different than the typical nail design.

For those who enjoy heavy-duty sessions we suggest looking into a honeypot nail. The name itself gives you an idea of what its main feature is. Honeypot nails are made specifically for dabbing goops and globs of sticky concentrate. Indulge at your own enjoyment.

 Cheap Import Nails and Rigs

American made nails are manufactured with pure materials. You can be sure that the pieces we carry here at The Daily Sesh are all American made and meant to last a lifetime. Our glass blowers understand the importance of great functional glass and using safe materials.

We go to extreme lengths to ensure that our medicinal products are organic and free from contaminants. Shouldn’t we be doing the same for the tools we use to administer the medicine? That’s why we promote American made functional glass art that’s crafted with care, has attention to detail, and offers quality assurance.


Navigating the world of dab rigs and accessories can be challenging. Finding the right product or even knowing where to begin can be overwhelming for even the most advanced bong collector.

Here at The Daily Sesh, we’ve got your back. Check out more about bongs, pipes, and accessories in our blog and make sure to stay connected for our latest specials and offers as soon as they’re available.

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