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High 5 Enail Review

December 22, 2017

High 5 Enail Review

The High5 LED E-Nail

Value-seekers, your new favorite electric nail for dabbing is here.

You may not be a dab rookie—you may even be an e dabber pro—but everyone appreciates a smooth experience. This device delivers; you can tell that the designers at High5 Vape had the user in mind when creating this gadget.

Consider this: torches are efficient but can be highly intimidating for anyone new to dabbing.

As the popularity of concentrates and dabbing grows, you can bet that the technology around consuming dabs will progress too. Digital enails are gaining more and more fans. I bet torches will be out of fashion eventually and replaced by gear like this.

Just call up the ideal temperature for your electric nail, somewhere between 0*F to 1200*F, and enjoy a session—no overheating like when you were learning to use a torch for dabbing. And because the screen displays the current temperature and the set temperature, you can monitor when the enail is cool enough to touch and when it is nearing readiness.

There's one ON/OFF switch for the coil, and a separate one for the power supply. The screen is clearly lit in LED lights as the name suggests.

This model has all of the characteristics of a high-end enail for dabs, like a gold-plated XLR cable, a sturdy 8' power cord, and a titanium enail.

The nail heats up impressively quickly, just make sure to turn it off when you're done because there is no safety automatic shut-off feature. Some boxes have it, which is a helpful option for the typical stoner, but this one requires you to be lucid enough to remember.

 The coil size (Flat/16mm/20mm) depends on your nail; coil size is different from joint size (10/14/18—Male/Female). Your current nail must first be compatible with enail coils, and it must also fit your joint. For instance, a rig with a 14mm male joint requires a 14mm female nail. Once you determine the correct joint size of the nail, then you know which coil to purchase.

 Bonus note: because High5 Vape is an American company, you can get quick and efficient customer service without calling someone in another country. And no spending $30-50 to send a broken unit back to China only to wait two weeks for it to be fixed. Not that you'll have to deal with their customer service line a lot—these units are built to last.

Get one, take it home, and enjoy.

  The High5 LCD E-Nail

Besides the LCD enails, this is the next most popular version of High5's outrageously easy and cost-effective devices. The price difference is really nominal and the most notable difference is that you get a better screen, similar to that of a smartphone; it displays the set temperature as well as the current temperature.

Put away your Woody Allen glasses; you won't be needing them to see what you're doing with this machine. The LCD screen displays the temperature in large, bright numerals. There's a power switch for the box, and another for the enail, so all of the control is at your fingertips. Turn the box on and leave it running, only turning the coil on when you're getting ready to use it. The ultimate functionality for sessions with your friends.

Between the LED and the LCD models, there is no difference regarding function or reliability.

For a brand name electric nail, you could be paying up to $500-$700 for a unit that offers not much more than this one. High5 Vape puts it into perspective what consumers should be expecting for their money. 

Condo-dwellers, tiny house owners, and minimalists will love how compact this electric nail and box is. You wouldn't have a problem toting it to a weekend at the cottage, on a road trip, or on a plane ride if you cannot live without your daily dab.

One thing to pay attention to is regulating temperature if you are planning on dropping a big Instagram-worthy glob of a dab into your banger. The more concentrate you add to the banger, the more heat it will absorb. All that means is that you may want to dial up the temperature a little above your ideal to offset this effect. 

Another point is that while this unit will also work with quartz and domeless bangers, there's a method to using the two together without getting the banger trapped in the coil.

Start by heating the coil to 800F-900F—easy to do with this comprehensive unit—so that the coil expands enough to fit the base of the banger. Insert the banger into the coil, keeping in mind that it must be removed before turning the coil heat off. If the coil cools, it will contract, squeezing the banger and making it difficult to remove. You may even end up with a cracked or broken piece.

High 5 has great local customer service. It pays dividends to shop locally for equipment like this, and you don't have to pay a fortune to do so. High 5 offers one of the best warranties of any e nail for dabbing currently on the market. Everything from the box is covered by a full 1-year warranty. Don't fall for companies that claim to offer lifetime warranties. Have you ever read the small print on those "guarantees"? They're too good to be true.

And when you buy from The Daily Sesh, they will typically help you put together a package that fits properly and functions "out of the box." Whether that means swapping out the 16mm heater coil for a 20mm, or matching up a titanium nail or quartz banger of a particular size, there's no shame in being new to dabbing, or a little clueless about the equipment. My advice to you all is the just ask. Well, that and to continue supporting American made glass and heady bongs.

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