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Glass Vegas 2018

February 05, 2018

Glass Vegas 2018

 Here’s The Daily Sesh’s throwback to 2018 Glass Vegas Expo!

This buyers expo featured glass artist from all over the country! We got to see some of the greatest artists around. The expo featured several events over 3 days: The Boro Derby, World Series of Glass Competition, Millie Meetup, Marble Exchange, Drop Your Shot Glass Competition, Stagecation, Industry Hall and The Backyard.

 Here are our favorite highlights from the Expo!

The Boro Derby or Derby in the Desert, was one of the best events at the expo.  It featured almost 70 of the country’s greatest glass blower. Each created their own glass car to race in this Heady version of a pinewood derby race. Each car was amazing and some were even functional. The Best of Show car was the Wille E Coyote Rocket Race Car by Steller Glass. The event raised $6000 for the Evergreen State Project and Las Vegas Injured Artist Fund.

Boro Derby Dab Car

These are some of the impressive pieces that have earned our honorable mention!

 Birds of Prey Collaboration Series - Ronnie Chavez

Scubba Bot Buddha Bot Collab - HicDogg and Steve H Glass

HicDogg and Steve H

Snake Rigs - Niko Cray


2 Headed Dragon - Coleman Anderson

The annual World Series of Glass Competition was one of the events for artist to showcase their work.

Best Solo Functional Category
1st place: LaceFace Glass and her Autumn Tree Goddess

2nd Place: HicDogg and the Slayed Dragon #3

3rd Place: The COYLE Karate Monkey

The Marble Exchange was a Secret Santa style exchange game featuring marble made from artist from all over the country! Getting to secretly trade marbles with each other and being surprised with a new marble from a different artist.

During the Drop Your Shot Glass Competition glass artists created their best and unique shot glass. The competition dares each of them to drop their shot glass and see if it can withstand the fall. Taking 1st place this year was Junkie Glass with his awesome Beanie Double Shot Glass.

The expo also featured Industry Hall, an amazing walk through that displayed some of the greatest glass in the industry.

Stagecation was another impressive event. It featured a large platform where glass blowers to do live demos. They also had live paintings from various artist and music by different DJ's on the stage.

One of the best events in the industry Glass Vegas is definitely the expo to see! We'll definitely be going back again for 2019.




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