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How to Use Quartz Bangers? Everything you need To Know

May 22, 2019

How to Use Quartz Bangers? Everything you need To Know

Dabbing has gained considerable fame among passionate marijuana smokers. It delivers a fine, smooth, and flavorful smoking experience, unlike smoking buds. Preventing from tar and other toxic substances to ensuring the finest flavor and the best hits, more and more smokers are now getting aware of it. As a result, people have now started to switch from smoking buds to dabbing with Quartz Bangers.

While looking closer at the market shelves, it is quite evident that now there is a huge variety of unique concentrates available for customers with discrete preferences. From wax and oil concentrates to crumble and budder, there are several concentrates to choose from.

Let us now get to know what quartz banger is, what its benefits are, and how to use it for dabbing.

What Is a Quartz Banger?

Quartz Banger is a unique type of nail. It is a small piece that smokers insert into the water pipe of their dab rig and heat up with a butane torch. By heating up the Quartz Banger you will be able to make the concentrate evaporate and inhale from the rig. According to most of the experienced smokers, quartz bangers is preferred above all other nails such as the standard, glass, ceramic, and titanium nail.

What are its Benefits?

Let us now take a look at some of the most highlighted benefits of Quartz Banger.

  1. Smoking Vs Dabbing:

Compared to smoking buds, dabbing has emerged as a more healthier and effective way to smoke. By using quartz banger there is no need of combustion which makes it the perfect choice for many. Smoking buds is not at all healthy. It causes extremely toxic and harmful substances such as tar, Carbon monoxide, Ammonia, etc. to be deposited in the lungs which leads to cancer. Those who frequently smoke hand-rolled joints are more prone to such diseases.

On the other hand, dabbing with quartz bangers completely eliminates the need of supporting substances for combustion. It follows a simple procedure that required heating up the quartz banger nail to generate the required CBD and THC by evaporating the concentrate. People who have quit smoking buds and shifted on dabbing have shares a healthier experience compared to smoking buds.

  1. Easy and Quick:

It is unquestionably true that dabbing is the easiest and quickest way to smoke such concentrates. All you need is to place the quartz banger nail inside the dab rig, and heat it up to the required temperature which instantly generates considerable amount of CBD and THC. If you are using a carb cab then you can store more smoke inside the rig for a while and get a harder hit at once.

  1. Greater Heat Retention:

Dabbing requires an effective balance of the required temperature and that’s exactly where quartz banger appears to be the king. While comparing quartz banger with glass and titanium nails, it is evident that quartz banger is way stronger in terms of retaining the required temperature of heat.

If you are one of those who want to make the most out of your smoking session and share it with your friends as well then you should consider using quartz banger instead of any other nails. You will be able to experience greater heat and temperature retention compare to others.

  1. Durability:

Although quartz bangers look sensitive and fragile but these are the sturdiest ones. From heating it up to red hot to even greater temperatures, you can rest assured that it won’t shatter at all. It has been widely observed that ceramic and other elements heat up faster and breaks. Moreover, titanium nail mostly gets stuck inside the joint of the pipe and breaks it.

  1. Flavor:

Ensuring the most flavorful experience is one of the greatest value-additions when it comes to dabbing and using quartz banger.  For the majority of smokers, flavor is something that comes above all other benefits and quartz banger appear to be the perfect thing to choose for having a flavorful smoking session.

Quartz bangers will never mute the flavor of your concentrate. In addition to that, quartz banger is also helpful in eliminating the unpleasant metallic flavor that often appears with titanium nails. According to most of the smoking enthusiasts, quartz banger is more neutral then the other elements.

How to Use Quartz Bangers?

It is pretty simple to use quartz bangers for dabbing. All you need is the right apparatus and the following steps to find a whole new experience of smoking your favorite concentrate.

Here are the things that you should get from the market.

Step 01 - Apply Heat:

Before finding out how to heat the quartz banger, it is imperative to understand and remember that even a normal household butane torch generates an immense amount of heat. It is therefore crucially important to make sure that there are no flammable items places in your surroundings.

Heating up the quartz banger is the very first step for dabbing. Some inexperienced dabbers do not know the exact point to heat up due to which they end by breaking the dabber. Your dab rig is precious so never try to bring it closer to torch. Gently apply the heat to the quartz bucket and make it red hot.

Step 02 - Cool down:

Now it completely depends upon you that whether you are looking for harder hit while the quartz banger is red hot or take smooth and mild drags while the quartz’s temperature is below red hot. In both of the situations, you will be able to experience distinguished flavor and feel. Choose what suits you the best.

Step 03 - Apply Concentrate:

Once you are completely done with heating up the quartz banger and maintaining the desired temperature, you can apply the concentrate. It is mostly recommended to try smaller quantities of the concentrate in the start and gradually increasing it according to your preferences. It takes a little bit of time to reach at the optimal temperature so be patient and wait for the moment to arrive.

Step 04 – Dab & Smoke!

The next step is to drop the concentrate in the heated bucket and allow the temperature to do the rest for you. As soon as it starts making vapors of the concentrate, you will be able to get a considerable amount of smoke to inhale. Make use of carb caps if you want to indulge more and get harder hits.

Step 05 – Cleanup the quartz banger:

Cleaning up after a dab is easy as pie. Once the bucket is cool enough to be handled, dip a Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol and run it around the dabbing surface. Doing this after every dab will prolong the life of your bucket and keep every hit tasting fresh.

Cleaning up the quartz banger is pretty easy. Allow the bucket to cool down completely, take a Q-Tip with running alcohol and make it run inside the dabbing surface. It will help you to easily remove all of the residues and other substances that you won’t want to see in the next session.

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