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Zob Glass Review

July 30, 2019

Zob Glass Review

California-based Zob Glass has been a pioneer in presenting a huge variety of scientific glass water smoking devices to select from. From selling just line straights and beakers, the company has now come a long way to become the most preferred choice for users to buy bubblers, wubblers, concentrate rigs, bangers, dab rigs, and bongs for a smooth and satisfying experience. It offers a combination of variety, style, and convenience that places it a notch higher than others.

What is so unique about Zob Glass products?

With cannabis being legalized by a large number of states for entertainment purposes and an even bigger number of states identifying the use of the plant for medicinal purposes, it is necessary that the consumption is made as smooth and less toxic as possible. Zob Glass has been working towards this goal and improving on it with every new product.

Specializing in scientific glass water bongs, Zob Glass presents stylish glass smoking equipment with flair and at the same time not compromising on health standards. The crystalline colorful transparency of the wide range of glassware on offer makes each item not just a smoker’s but a collector’s delight as well.

How do Zob Glass products combine health and aesthetics?

Created out of transparent borosilicate glass, the different varieties of smoking glass devices incorporate silicate engineering with relative density to replicate the quality of glass equipment used in laboratories. The built-in percolators distill and filter the smoke, making your lungs happier and less strained.

Fixed or detachable down stems and attached ice catcher help cool down the smoke and gives the special view of smoke spiraling down – a sight which glassware smokers love, but do not get too often from colored glass smoking devices commonly found. Apart from their own designs, the company also offers to create custom designs for pipes and devices for customers. This, according to Zob Glass, adds a personal touch to the entire experience.

Strengthening these unique features are the concepts of style, convenience, sturdiness, customization and enjoyment, all of which make Zob Glass products a must-buy for people smoking herbs.

Zob Glass products that are must-buys

  • Zob Bongs: Zob bongs have been unanimously voted to be one of the best varieties available in the market. Scientific glass bongs or beaker bongs are among the most commonly sold bongs that resemble conventional laboratory instruments largely due to their shapes. Beaker bongs feature percolators for filtering and cooling while down stem diffusers constitute the classic type. Imagine being able to choose and smoke from the bong of your choice, customized according to your design choice and adornments! That is what Zob bongs give you! Spruce up your bong with accessories of your choice and you get satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Zob Dab Rigs: Call them concentrate pipes, oil rigs, or simply dab rigs is the ultimate choice for smokers. With a clean, smooth inhalation experience, dab rigs enable smokers to get the best out of concentrates and oils. It is one of the most significant innovations made to concentrate smokers. While bongs make for stronger and harsher smoking experience, the smaller rigs reduce the intensity of the drags as smokers exhale colorful and scented smoke. Select your choice of the nail to fix with your rig to ensure a smoother and enjoyable experience.
  • Zob Bubblers: One of the oldest and indigenous ways of smoking, bubblers have been revolutionized and improved with state-of-the-art technology and style by Zob. Using clear scientific glass makes these bubblers stemless and splash-free and the flat disc showerhead percolator makes for first-rate diffusion. Standing 9 inches tall, quality boro-glass made bubblers produced by Zob have been voted to be ideal for smoking flower or wax. The extra diffusion ensures smooth smoking while the simple design provides powerful hits.
  • Zob Quartz Bangers: These unique nails can be combined with a Zob dab rig to produce the most amazing smoking experience. When inserted into the water pipe of the rig and heated with a butane torch, the concentrate can be made to evaporate, and you can smoke directly from the rig. This ensures a healthier way of consuming cannabis than smoking and is preferred by many over glass, ceramic, or even titanium nails.

With more and more smokers realizing that dabbing is a safer way of consuming cannabis, dab rigs and bongs are gaining more and more prominence over smoke buds. Zob Glass is a pioneer in ensuring this experience to its customers. With a whole range and variety of glass smoking devices and accessories, it has impressed customers across North America.

Benefits of using Zob Glass products

  • Beautiful and durable: Zob Glass equipments are, most importantly, beautiful to look at with the myriad designs, colors and shades. When you smoke from a good-looking device, you feel better. Added to this is the durability factor that ensures that despite being made of glass, it does not break or get damaged even if it gets carelessly dropped or shuttled between extreme climates.
  • Healthy smoking: Most Zob Glass devices are made for better dabbing experience, that is known to be a healthier option of cannabis consumption than smoking. With dabbing becoming more common smokers are retracting from smoking buds and joints. The distillers, filters, percolators, and other accessories support healthier smoking. It is also used for Nuclear waste storage!
  • Quality and safety: Made from Borosilicate, every Zob Glass equipment can resist more heat, withstand extreme heat and resist thermal shock. Each Zob Glass device is made with care and precision to guarantee a safe and unhindered smoking experience.
  • Easily available:Zob Glass is easily available through online shopping and can be customized according to your choice of design. You can choose the devices or accessories of your choice and get them delivered at your doorstep without even having to step out.
  • Easy to use: Zob Glass devices take less time to prepare compared to rolling or smoking through buds. This makes these devices simple and convenient to use.
  • Happy experience: For ardent smokers, flavor is the top benefit derived from smoking cannabis. The detailing and precision used to create Zob Glass smoking equipment promises a most satisfying smoking experience with a whole lot of flavor coming out of the concentrates. Being made of glass, these devices leave no trace of the metallic flavor that often accompanies Titanium nails.

With so many advantages on offer from Zob Glass products, what are you waiting for? Order yours now at The Daily Sesh!

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