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6 Best Mini Dab Rigs of 2019

March 14, 2019

6 Best Mini Dab Rigs of 2019

Looking for the best piece for dabbing? Think about going mini dab rigs!

Here’s why: 

They’re smaller – most measure about 5 inches in height – so you can take them anywhere. And their compact designs limit air intake, which results in super-flavorful and smooth pulls. Plus, they’re cost-effective. The best mini dabbers start around $50 USD, a fraction of the price of larger dab rigs.

Which Mini Dab Rigs Are Best For Dabbing?

These are a few must-have mini dab rigs from MJ Arsenal. They’re all beautifully designed, made with sturdy, medical-grade borosilicate glass, include high-quality 100% quartz buckets, and they offer the best of the best in recycler and perc filtration. You’ll be guaranteed smooth, terp-filled vapors from your rig, without breaking the bank.

So, without further ado: These are the mini vapor rigs you have to get your hands on right now.

1. Claude – A Versatile Mini Rig with New Age Filtration


    Claude from MJ Arsenal takes its name from the ancient Roman inventor of the aqueduct system. And that makes tons of sense. Why? Because the Claude revolutionizes water direction and filtration in a mini dab rig.

    The piece’s double uptake recycler and base-mounted perc creates a whirlpool of water, which results in cool and ultra-flavorful pulls. The perc is reason enough to consider this rig, as it’s a modified honeycomb, that smooths out and cools the vapor before it hits the lungs.

    But there are tons of other features that make this one of the best.

    For starters, the Claude is built with high-grade borosilicate glass at a thickness of 3 mm. In other words, it’s super durable, making it perfect as a daily driver. Plus, features like the splash guard, oil catch and 100% quartz bucket make this a versatile rig that will be your go-to for daily sessions.

     Specs and Features:

    • Height:5 inches
    • Joint:10 mm
    • Key Features:Base connected perc, double uptake recycler

    Final Verdict:For a mini dab rig, Claude delivers some of the smoothest pulls on the market. (And the price can’t be beat!)

    2. The Royale – A Miniature Version of Iconic Fab-Egg Rigs

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      There are Fab Egg dab rigs that sell for thousands. And for most dabbers, the fab egg is their showcase piece, a rig that’s only used for special occasions. The Royale, though, transforms the fab egg rig into a piece that’s portable and suitable for daily use. Not to mention, it’s a fraction of the investment.

      Here’s why you’ll love the Royale:

      The rig features two egg shaped chambers, one inside the other. This provides the perfect amount of recycling and percolation, which gives hot vapor enough time to cool down. The result: Pulls that are flavorful and potent, without any of the harshness. Although it doesn’t deliver the biggest rips, the Royale compensates with incredible flavor and potency.

       Specs and Features:

      • Height:5 inches
      • Joint:8mm
      • Key Features:Flared mouthpiece, quartz bucket, modified fab egg design

      Final Verdict:A classically-styled fab egg with a mini rig footprint, the Royale is big on flavor and potency. Plus, it looks cool; you’ll want to show this one off.

      3. Ursa – A Classic Scientifically Styled Mini Rig

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      The Ursa Mini dab rigs from MJ Arsenal has the look of a classic rig. A cylindrical water chamber, matched with a discus perc. Yet, it differs from bigger scientific rigs.  For starters, the downstem sits outside the chamber, wrapped around the chamber. This creates a longer path, which maximizes cooling time.

      Compared to other mini rigs, the Ursa’s water chamber has a bit more room. And the extra water naturally adds to its cooling power. Plus, the discus perc maximizes diffusion, and a final vortex provides a second rinse, helping to deliver ultra-smooth, cool pulls.

      No detail has been skipped in the design. The rig features a sturdy quartz bucket, as well as reclaim catcher. Not to mention, it fits in the palm of your hand.

       Specs and Features:

      • Height:5.2 inches
      • Joint:10 mm
      • Key Features:Base-mounted discus perc, reclaim catcher, rear-mounted downstem, quartz bucket

      Final Verdict:The Ursa is classically styled with a scientific profile, and it delivers all the benefits of a bigger rig but with a tiny, palm-sized footprint.

      4. Jammer – A Minimalist Mini Rig That’s Big on Performance

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      Don’t let the Jammer’s no-frills design fool you. Jammer mini dab rig has everything you’d want from a daily driver. It’s super portable – standing at just over four inches in height – and it’s built from ultra-thick 4 mm borosilicate glass. You can take it anywhere, without fear of breaking it.

      In terms of its performance, though, the rig certainly delivers.

      The Jammer features a base-mounted perc, which provides incredible diffusion. And the vapor-filled bubbles rise naturally to the top of the barrel-shaped water chamber. The Jammer’s air path produces incredibly smooth and terp-rich clouds. Bottom line, it’s a versatile piece that dabbers will love.  

       Specs and Features:

      • Height:4.25 inches
      • Connection: 8 mm
      • Key Features:Flared mouthpiece, base-connected perc, 4 mm glass, 100% quartz bucket

      Final Verdict:Jammer is simplistic in its design, but provides daily driver performance.

      5. Atlas – High-Design and Incredible Performance

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      The Atlas mini dab rigs have the look of an expensive rig. Its double-ball design gives this mini rig a distinctive profile, but it’s also super functional. The dual chambers keep your vapors in close contact with water, resulting in mega-cooling power. The double balls are matched with a honeycomb perc, which provides perfect diffusion. And helps to even out the flavor profile.

      Bottom line, the clouds couldn’t be smoother or more flavorful. And an added benefit: this is a piece you’ll want to show off.

       Specs and Features:

      • Height:4 inches
      • Connection:8 mm
      • Key Features:Double-ball chambers, side-mounted honeycomb perc, 100% quartz banger, flared mouthpiece

      Final Verdict:You won’t find a mini rig that looks as sleek as the Atlas; fortunately, all of those beautiful design isn’t just for looks, they provide ultra-smooth, flavorful pulls.

      6. Hydra – A Sleek, Snaking Downstem Matched with a Quality Recycler

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      The Hydra Klein Mini Dab Rig from MJ Arsenal has a distinctive look. It’s flowing, snaking downstems give make it a work of art. But the flowing lines serve a purpose. The snaking profile creates a longer air path, helping to significantly cool your concentrate clouds. Not to mention, it looks pretty damn cool too.

      Beyond the downstem design, though, this mini dab rig is big on features. The Hydra is built with a base-mounted triple-hole percolator. The perc minimizes drag and helps to diffuse the vapor. Plus, the unique design, a rear-mounted perc arm, makes this one of the best spill-resistant bubblers on the market.

      Another great feature: The Klein recycler creates a whirlpool of cooling water for your concentrates. And delivers vapor clouds faster, helping to maximize flavor and potency. The result: The Hydra provides some of the biggest clouds for a mini rig.

       Specs and Features:

      • Height:4 inches
      • Joint:8 mm
      • Key Features:Klein recycler, triple-hole perc, 100% quartz bucket, flared mouthpiece, spill-proof design

      Final Verdict: The Hydra looks cool, it’s ultra-compact, and the triple-hole perc and Klein recycler combine to create huge, cool and super-flavorful clouds.

      Buy Your New Concentrate Rig Right Now

      Choosing a new vapor dab rig isn’t easy. There are so many options on the market right now – from the ultra-luxury, to the micro. If it’s a cool, easy-to-use and efficient rig you’re after, go with a micro dabber. Micro rigs offer the best in functionality and portability, while still looking cool.

      Buy all of these MJ Arsenal dab rigs today at The Daily Sesh. We’re proud to carry MJ Arsenal’s line-up of stylish and super-efficient micro dab rigs. Shop now for the best deals!

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