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Crystal Star Quartz

Crystal Star Quartz Bangers

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If you are a dab connoisseur and love a flavorful low-temperature dab, this Crystal Star Quartz Banger will be your new best friend. Quartz is a preferred material by most for dabbing since it handles the intense heating up, cooling down, and holds temperature better than many other types of nails. This piece is made by Crystal Star Glass out of California and is stamped in the middle with a unique star. Besides looking really cool, the contour of the star shape helps this banger hold its temperature, making it ideal for full-flavor low-temp dabs.

Quartz Bangers come in four male size options which you’ll find in the details below. If you dab quality products, you’re missing out if your equipment isn’t of the highest quality. Never compromise the quality of your vaporizing experience with this expertly crafted quartz domeless nail.


  • Size: 14mm Male 90*, 14mm Male 45*, 10mm Male 90*, 10mm Male 45*
  • Blown By: Crystal Star Glass
  • Location: California

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Best Bangers Ever!

I absolutely love Crystal Star, still the best out imho, top quality quartz with a thick ass bottom(just how I like em lol).


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