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US Tubes

US Tubes - 18" Beaker Bong

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This classic beaker bong from US Tubes is built for everyday use. Featuring a straight-tube layout, this rig may be minimalist in design – but it’s maximalist when it comes to producing massive, smooth clouds. The standard downstem perc makes this the best bong for daily use or for a rowdy group sesh.

The extremely thick 18-inch bong features an 18mm bowl, as well as minimalist color designs. The US Tubes logo is stamped on the stem, and an aqua-colored slide delivers a splash of color.

Berkeley, CA-based US Tubes lives by the motto: “Strong Is Better.” All US Tubes bongs are manufactured and hand-fused in California, and built out of high-quality American boro glass. If you want a scientific bong from US Tubes, this is a great beginner rig.


  • Height: 18in 
  • Bowl: 18mm bowl w/ removable slitted downstem
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Color: Clear 
  • Location: Berkeley, CA

Customer Reviews

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Spencer B

Purchased this tube and recieved it fast! Processing was very quick and I couldnt be happier. The tube is great quality glass that was exactly as described. Will soon order another piece!


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