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Newport Dab Torch

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Ignition, Flame Adjustment, Butane Gas Refilling, Warnings

Newport Cigar Torch

The Newport Zero Cigar Torch is a powerful butane Gas operated device. Featuring a self igniting piezo ignition, safety adjustable flame, quick refill design, and a child proof safety lock - this device is not only easy to use but also safe. This torch is able to work from any angle, cordless, and hosts a comfortable grip handle.

  • Self Igniting Piezo Ignition
  • Child Proof Safety Locking System
  • Cordless, Lightweight
  • Safety Adjustable Flame
  • Quick Refill Design
  • Works At Any Angle

Move the flame adjustment slide to the "+" position, push down the safety lock until you hear it "click" into place, once it has clicked into place press the ignition button and the flame with ignite itself instantly.

    Flame Adjustment

    You can adjust the flame length during use by simply moving the flame adjustment slide. If you slide forward the "+" you will make the flame longer, while sliding towards the "-" will make the flame shorter in length. It is recommended that you keep the flame at approximately 1/2" to 1". Take caution to not make the flame too long.

    Turning Off - To turn off the torch, simply release the ignition button.

    Butane Gas Refilling

    Before you begin the refill make sure the gas fill valve is tight. Begin by shaking the gas container a few times to warm the fuel up, then move the flame adjustment slide to the "-" position, insert the container nozzle vertically down into the gas filler valve, after fueling has been complete allow the gas to stabilize for a few minutes.


    • When refilling the tank make sure you are in a well vented area.
    • Do not smoke while refilling the torch.
    • Do not store in temperatures over 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Never leave the torch in direct sunlight.
    • Do not leave the device unattended while ignited at any time.
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