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Blunt Bubbler - MJ Arsenal Martian

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The Martian by MJ Arsenal is the first ever pocket-sized bubbler for enjoying smoother hits from your joints and blunts. Fit your hand-rolled item into the bowl of the Martian and take a hit. This miniature blunt bubbler moisture-conditions purifies and amplifies each rip to perfection. A spill-proof design ensures efficient water filtration, while a carb hole creates an airtight seal for direct-to-lung hits. Designed for convenient on-the-fly smoking, the super compact Martian Bubbler features a pendant hook for necklaces. Wherever you go with the Martian, you come in peace.


Enjoying water-filtered smoke on-the-go was once a challenge. Then the Martian landed. Now you can carry your own personal rollie bubbler with you anywhere. Don't let the small size fool you. This tiny pipe creates impressive tokes. Enjoy bigger, smoother, and denser clouds from your blunts and joints, with a touch of water filtration to remove impurities. This handy little smoking system is perfect for beginners or those who need a more comfortable inhale. At just 2 inches high and 1 inch wide, the Martian Bubbler is the travel companion you've been waiting for. You can even wear it around your neck with a necklace. With a novel design made of premium borosilicate glass, the first ever blunt bubbler adds a little magic to your smoking.


Crafted for high performance, the Martian consists of medical-grade borosilicate glass. Highly thermal-resistant, the Martian Bubbler can withstand extreme temperatures and still deliver flavorful, potent vapor. MJ Arsenal uses only the finest 100% borosilicate, ensuring a durable and reliable smoking experience. The non-stick surfaces of the Martian Blunt Bubbler make it easier to clean off buildup, promising long-lasting performance through the ages. Characterized by a crystal clear look, the Martian has a sleek aesthetic that combines functionality with style. Extremely durable against high heat, the Martian Bubbler won't crack under pressure. Enjoy out-of-this-world vapor for years to come.


The Martian is the first blunt bubbler, setting a standard with its original design. The likable bulbous shape holds just enough water to promote thorough water filtration without sacrificing portability. Designed for even burning, the joint holder is perfectly balanced to prevent runs in your blunt. A sturdy base keeps the blunt bubbler upright during use, while an ergonomically placed carb hole allows you to manage airflow as you inhale. For those who want to enjoy smooth, moisturized hits on-the-go, the Martian Bubbler includes a necklace ring on the top of the chamber, allowing you to wear the bubbler around your neck when you're out and about. With a charming look, the Martian makes quite a fashion statement. With an innovative design that sets the standard for smaller water pipes, the Martian is one of the most functional, easy-to-use, and beautiful blunt bubblers to date.


Martian Bubbler features a custom downstem diffuser that turns smoke into vapor with ease. Designed for low draw resistance and maximum water filtration, the diffuser sifts smoke into the water chamber where irritants are trapped. By creating fine bubbles, the Martian ensures that optimal level of moisture is attached to each hit, creating smooth, satisfying clouds. MJ Arsenal precision-engineered the joint holder, ensuring that an airtight seal is created between blunt and diffuser. As you take a hit, deep chugging promotes thorough water filtration, smoothing out harshness for a more enjoyable smoking experience. When it comes to blunt bubbler, no one does it better than the Martian Bubbler.


As long as its empty of water, this handy blunt bubbler is totally pocket-friendly. Use the Martian-like a hand-pipe while on your feet or rest it on a surface when indoors. The simple design makes it easy to take a quick hit in almost any situation. A pendant hook allows you to connect the Martian to a necklace and wear it as a fashion statement. Lightweight and compact yet solid, this travel-friendly blunt bubbler is ready to take you places while you take it places. Compatible with most joints and blunts, the Martian bubbler takes the harshness out of blunt smoke, ensuring a more comfortable inhale every session.

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