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Here at The Daily Sesh, we are innovating the way that artists and collectors connect.
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Connected to collectors

At The Daily Sesh, glass blowers can post their heady glass for sale, where the whole world can see it. Shoppers and collectors have a direct link to the artists who dedicate their lives to creating beautiful pieces.

Now more than ever, people are seeking direct connections to the people that create and serve the world with ideas, art, and media. Creators too want to come closer to their fans and clients.

Our foucus is to create exposure, draw in traffic, and sell your art!

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Breaking the mold

The Daily Sesh is dedicated to facilitating a personal connection between artists and collectors. We're going beyond business and beyond the point of sale.

We are gathering the glass art industry together, changing the I-BUY-AND-SELL paradigm into a personal exchange of appreciation and value.

Unlimited Access to Thousands

Our customer base is growing daily, get your artwork in front of collectors and enthusiasts today!

Easy Check-out

Easy check-out means more sales for you. Our check-out process ensures you and the customer shop and sell with ease.

Free Support

The Daily Sesh offers around the clock support on your listings to ensure product sales and growth!

Your Direct Control

The future of sales is online. Look at Amazon for example, its now bigger than Walmart!

Todays consumer is looking to make a buying something as simple as they can. You can see it happening right now through all of the Facebook groups and Instagram. It's pretty much killed the retail heady market. Especially when artists themselves are selling wholesale to the customer AND the shops.

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Setting up an account is simple, start selling your product today without a monthly fee or committment!

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One Plan.

12% commission fees for each sale

You receive:

  • Free Unlimited Product Listings
  • Access to thousands of collectors
  • Easy shipping process
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • We cover advertising and maintenance costs
  • Your Own custom product page
  • Ability to add photos and videos specific to your items
  • Automatic notifications when glass sells
  • Nationwide and soon global exposure


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