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Why are Quartz Bangers So Expensive?

October 16, 2018

Why are Quartz Bangers So Expensive?

Quartz Bangers sounds like a new edible in the cannabis industry, but they are actually a new way of vaping your dabs. Quartz bangers are fast gaining popularity as they are a superior way of vaping your favorite concentrates. If you are on a quest to find the most strength, effects, aroma, and flavor, quartz bangers are something you should look into.

In just a few years, cannabis enthusiasts tools for delivering cannabis have changed drastically. From colorful concentrates to dab rigs, the quartz banger is a new tool added to the long list of accessories cannabis smokers use to find the best bong for their buck.

Dab nails are made from a wide variety of substances such as glass, ceramics, steel, and titanium. These compounds all have their benefits, but nails made from quartz just seem to stand out from the crowd. Quartz is a much more preferred method of consuming cannabis concentrates as it translates flavor and terpenes much better than even the highest grade ceramic nail.  


The biggest benefits of quartz bangers are its ability to retain heat for longer periods, its ability to be reheated without cracking the dish, not mentioning how much easier it is to clean. Below are five of the top reasons quarts bangers are superior:

Benefits of Quartz Bangers

  1. Using a quartz nail or a quartz banger opens up a whole new world in the cannabis concentrates arena. The immense amount of flavor and aroma from low-temperature dabs and concentrates cannot get much better currently. Ceramic nails crack when reheated too many times on the same spot, the metallic taste of titanium and the poor representation of flavors does not allow you to enjoy the full experience when compared to quartz bangers.
  2. Quartz bangers are a breeze to clean. To get the most out of your quartz banger, it is recommended to heat low and slow, again and again. A dark residue buildup on your quartz lets you know that you have been hitting it a little too hard and hot. Whereas a simple wipe of your used nail with a cotton swab should return your nail to its original condition when used correctly.
  3. The problem with old ceramic and titanium nails is they do not retain their heat well enough. Whereas a quartz banger will retain its heat after many uses and keep going. One of the best features of a quartz banger is its ability to retain and regulate heat, allowing you a cleaner and crisper dab session each time.
  4. Water pipes and dab rigs can sometimes offer too much airflow when dabbing. Whereas a quartz banger also regulates this airflow through using a carb cap or small hole in the quartz banger. This hole comes with many of the designs and is a great feature for airflow restriction.
  5. Quartz bangers do not shatter. Quartz crystal can also come in many standards of quality and they are rugged and hard to break, especially when heat is applied. Quartz retains its original benefits after time, unlike glass nails which tend to shatter when used too many times. This is one of the most beautiful features of quarts, it retains its structure, even if you heat it in the same spot vigorously.

How to use a quartz banger

Heat the dish of your quartz banger until it is hot, allow it to cool to your determined heat. Add your favorite concentrate of wax, shatter, rosin, hash or oil into the quartz banger, place your carb cap on top and inhale the vape.

The demand for quartz bangers is growing rapidly and the local market is battling to keep up with the customer demand. There are a huge variety of styles and types of quartz bangers for sale. The biggest difference in quartz bangers is the quality of quartz and thickness. Many of the quartz bangers are being imported from manufacturing plants that are generally producing cheaper grade quartz nails for the mass market. The seasoned slingers of glass that are fast adopting quartz as their substance of choice when assembling dab rigs.


American made bangers seem to be more durable and last longer than the generally perceived Chinese quartz bangers. American artisans quartz bangers are of superior quality, just by looking at the glass welding and corners. Halen Glass Bangers are a good example of this, proudly Amercian made, out of their studio in Fort Collins. They’re best known for its domeless dab nails and now the Quartz trough, these are both perfect for low-temperature dabbing.  Halen Glass now specializes in Quartz dabbing accessories that are built to last and available in many different joint sizes.

Some seasoned stoners put the Chinese and American Quartz bangers to a test, a scientific stoner test I might add. They dabbed both differently manufactured quartz bangers 50 times each and reached the conclusion that there are quality issues with cheaper imported quartz bangers, but generally, they are on par. I feel the quality comes more down to supporting local artisans who spend hours of time developing their product from trial and errors.

It must be noted that American made quartz bangers are just better quality from thickness to quality of the quartz as well as the welded joints. It is very expensive to test the quality of quartz and this can only be left to real scientific research for now.

Another top quality local producer of quartz bangers is Crystal Star Quartz. Out of California, they are manufacturing a huge variety of different sized and shaped bangers, made to the highest standards and using quality quartz.

25mm and 30mm Quartz bangers

Size and shape to make a difference, but it is more than likely up to your budget and requirements. 30mm bangers are larger and therefore hold more volume of concentrate. They are usually also made of thicker quartz and will naturally retain heat better than the smaller25mm quartz banger. Joint sizes also differ and allow you to easily drop them in the neck of your dab rig, from 10mm to 14mm and up, no dab rig is made the same. But luckily they have generally standardized the neck sizes. 90* and 45* nails are there for your preference and depending on how you like dabbing, it's your choice how to vape through your rig.

One might still wonder why quartz bangers are so expensive but also realize why after reading the information above. To recap, and more importantly, they last longer and deserve the mention of a better quality session. The benefits are clearly understood, a crisper, cleaner more flavorsome vape is what counts in the end and that is what quartz bangers are about. Even though they are generally considered more expensive, they do last longer and won't break as easy as glass or ceramic from overheating or an accidental bump on the floor.

We are not even mentioning the difficulty of the manufacturing process of mixing quartz and glass. The demand for these fairly new smoking accessories is ferocious and also always tends to increase prices. So hopefully in the near future, we will see the quartz banger market stabilize and prices come down a little.

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