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The War Of The Pipes: Water Pipes (Bongs) Vs Glass Dry Pipes

February 20, 2019

The War Of The Pipes: Water Pipes (Bongs) Vs Glass Dry Pipes

Great news about the legalization of cannabis seems to be coming quicker than ever, as more people are realizing its merits, hence, bringing about a positive change. Only recently, a bill to legalize marijuana at the federal levels was presented in the Senate, the bill called S.420 proposed to remove the restrictions on the use of pot on the federal level. Like you, we are awaiting positive news on that front. Meanwhile, the education and discussion regarding the use, benefits, and method of usage must wage on.

Currently, smoking is the most common method of marijuana consumption, so understandably there is a lot of debate about the best way of smoking it. Today we are looking at glass dry pipes and glass water pipes (bongs). There seems to be a divide among the opinions, some prefer one to the other and passionately advocate for the benefits of their preferred pipe. However, the contradictory information confuses those new to the subject. To help you out, we are going to lay down the basics of both and the pros and cons so you can make an informed choice.

Water Pipes 

Water pipes also known as bongs use water as the name suggests. They also differ greatly in their mechanism, they have a bottle or tube in which water is filled, which serves as a filter and also cools down the smoke making inhaling easier and less harsh that lends greatly to the popularity of the water pipe. Water pipes are available in a variety of different materials including clay, silicone, acrylic, and the most popular glass. They also come in different sizes and basic functional designs and highly elaborate designs crafted by artisans.

Water Pipe

Cooler smoke, Rapid effect

The cool smoke is one of the biggest advantages of water pipes. The cooled down smoke equals to a smooth draw that allows smokers to inhale more and achieve a more rapid effect. In contrast to joints or glass dry pipes, water pipes have a cool smoke that also preserves the aroma and flavor combined with quicker effects. No wonder water pipes have a strong, devoted fan base.

The potential for modification

The potential to create a truly customized water pipe with the wide variety of attachments available today make water pipe a favorite among fanatics. From different sizes to colorful masterpieces, the local glass industry offers a lot to choose from. Additionally, plenty of accessories and attachments including downstems, Bong Percolators, ash catchers and more assure that the water pipe smoking experience is customizable.


Another top advantage that water pipe fans love to boast about is the smoke filtration effect of the water. Besides cooling down the smoke, the water also serves as a filter, especially in bongs with percolators. As the smoke goes through the water and the different slits of the percolators, it diffuses, cools down and leaves behind some of the harmful toxins while maintaining the flavor and aroma.


The loved water pipe also has a few drawbacks, which could swing the opinion of a new user towards the other option. Firstly, due to the complexities of the design of a water pipe, it is harder to clean, especially those with plenty of attachments. The ash, smoke, and toxins left behind in the water can leave stains and are hard to clean. It is important to clean out water pipes regularly to ensure that the water is filtering toxins optimally. Secondly, bongs can be impractical due to their size. They are not easy to carry around in the pocket nor can they be used discreetly. Glass water pipes are also fragile. They require water to work which means it is prone to accidental spillage.

Let’s move on to the next contender.

Glass Dry Pipe

In contrast, dry pipes do not use water and therefore have a simplistic and convenient design, which is its biggest advantage. They offer the traditional smoking experience minus the frills of the bong. Available in a large variety of different designs and a nice choice of materials, the dry pipe is comparatively cheaper and there are many fun and funky, and plain and simple styles to choose from.

Convenient & Simplicity

As previously mentioned, the glass dry pipe is simple which makes it easier to carry, is more discreet and it allows smokers to enjoy a smoke whenever they want. Unlike the bong, glass dry pipes are easier to carry in a pocket, bag or car. Dry pipes are also inexpensive due to the lack of complex design element. They are also easy to clean and are as easy to operate as a cigarette (although, you will need to carry the tobacco or pot separately). 


When compared to the bong, the greatest advantage of the glass dry pipe is also it greatest disadvantage - its simplistic design. A lack of filter means that smokers end up getting ash and a greater amount of toxins with the smoke. The smoke is also harsher compared to the smoke from a water pipe. Additionally, with dry pipes, what you buy is what you get, there is no scope of modifications.

Both methods of smoking have their merits and it usually comes down to preferences. If you are a beginner, we suggest saving up to buy a basic bong for starters. However, we encourage you to test the glass dry pipe experience to learn which method suits you best.

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