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HVY Glass Review

October 02, 2019

HVY Glass Review

Started in Oregon and currently functioning out of California, HVY is a renowned glass brand that combines American Borosilicate glass and German Schott glass to make durable and attractive glass constructs fit for smoking cannabis. It is a part of the Pipeline Distro group that offers other glass devices used commonly by smokers all over the United States. Producing a heady mix of designer and durable products, HVY is one of the top smoking glass device manufacturers and sellers in the country.

Why are HVY products in such demand?

With over 60% of the states in the US having legalizing cannabis for medicinal as well as entertainment purposes, the use of glass bongs and beakers have seen a heavy rise. These devices have been a ready answer to the smokers’ demands by coming up with super-durable glass-made smoking devices that combine the perfection, sophistication, strength, and beauty of borosilicate glass on one hand and Schott glass on another. Additionally, the brand has its signature design that makes it unique and instantly recognizable.

HVY glass products include scientific glass, straight tube design, and coming in clean and clear beakers, apart from regular rigs, water pipes, bubblers. Another interesting product that HVY regularly makes includes heady glass. The quality of the glass clubbed with the unique designs put into making the heady glass products make them remarkable, unique, and worth being a collectors’ edition.

With quality and unique designs as their unique selling features, these items never fail to catch your attention and impress with the experience they offer.

A perfect combination of creativity, durability, and affordability

Relative density from transparent borosilicate glass combined with silicate engineering together helps to create smoking glass devices that replicate laboratory glass equipment in terms of their quality and perfection. The most unique feature of HVY bongs is that each one has a different design and color  option. The coil-pot designs of these glass devices set them apart from all other smoking devices.

The durability and heaviness of these glass products also set them apart from other more delicate glass equipment. Known for using thick-walled glass that is known to last through rough usage, these are also known to be extremely affordable in spite of their uniqueness.

Colored glass devices made of HVY glass makes smoking a pleasurable experience as you can see colored smoke spiraling up or down the pipe. Apart from the colored coiled variety, these glass bongs are also available in a fumed variety that is a favorite among users owing to its simplistic beauty, not to mention the affordability.

Top HVY glass products

Here are some of the top selling HVY glass products:

  • HVY Glass Bongs: Bongs have always been the foremost choice for smokers. Closely resembling conventional laboratory equipment, glass bongs, glass bongs are around 11” high with a 5” base and ensure a smooth experience. Color Coiled Bent Neck Bongs and Double Bubble Bottom Bongs are regular fan favorites with the second one, in particular, adding extra bubble to the smoke making for a great experience. The extra water causes for a conventional experience coming from a dapper-looking device. The intricate hand-crafted bongs are sure to appeal to one and all!
  • HVY Dab Rigs:Famous for their waterworks, HVY Dab Rigs are no exception. And with dabbing becoming more and more popular, the demand for hand-made dab rigs is on the rise. Made out of the heady combination of American borosilicate and German glass, the unique style and designs available in HVY Dab Rigs provide the right size for percolation and soothing experience. They also ensure the best flavor available, particularly the smaller sized ones.
  • HVY Bubblers: Glass Bubblers are of the top used devices made by HVY. Bubblers have since long been one of the most indigenous and oldest ways of smoking herbs, though it has come a long way now to be more stylized and updated. Using glass in these bubblers now ensure better diffusion. HVY bubblers are roughly about 21 cm in height with a 6 slit snapper bowl and diffuser downstem. Most of them are fumed and artistically decorated in various colors made of 5mm thick glass with a joint size of 18mm. It is a pleasure owing to one of these bubblers.
  • HVY Water Pipes:HVY Water Pipes are a favorite among users. These are thick, durable and stylish with an 18/14 diffused downstem. There are decorative nubs for easy cleaning of the 14mm funnel-shaped slide adds diffusion cooling. These 10’’ devices have lip wraps in intricate, 3D design and a 3 pinch ice-catcher that ensures smooth and comfortable draws and avoids backsplash. They are available in both wide and narrow mouth variety in thick-bottomed beakers and round bottom forms. The fumed glass beakers are sure shot fan favorites.

A good smoking device is believed to be one that feels good to hold and great to smoke from. The thick glass also prevents an excessive amount of smoke from hitting your lungs, making it healthier than other devices. With its unique design and branding, HVY glass has been satisfying customers for the last 10 years or more and has become a renowned name among consumers across the United States and Canada. Buy yours now...

Advantages of HVY Glass products

  • Healthy:HVY devices are specially handcrafted for healthier smoking. The unique bodies and pipe shapes ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. This is accentuated by accessories like distillers, filters, percolators, and ash catchers.
  • Beautiful designs:HVY glass devices are known specifically for their stylish look. Apart from the obvious logo, these devices are generally more intricate with color coils, swirls, blown glass, and marble designs. The range of colors used to produce these often fumed devices makes it a delight to own and show off!
  • Easily available: Almost all leading headshops, physical or online have a huge range and variety of HVY glass products available. This makes the products of your choice easily available wherever you are. Discreet packing can ensure your product is delivered safe and sound at your doorstep.
  • Durable: Known for their weight, these devices are more durable and heavier than other glass products making them sturdier and more durable. Thick walls of the combined glad used by HVY can ensure a longer life for your rigs, bubblers, and bongs.
  • Affordable: Given the quality and range of products, these devices come much cheaper than what they are supposed to cost. HVY glass, however, aims at providing affordable equipment to ensure happier customer and a bigger base.

Available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, HVY glass products are sure to be among your best possessions. Not only do they guarantee a safer and more comfortable smoking experience but also the experience of smoking from the most intricately designed and colored devices. This truly ensures complete value for money. 

With such features and benefits, you should be raring to buy your first HVY Glass device. So, why wait? Order your own HVY Glass bong or bubbler or water pipe right away…

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